Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)


12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2016
Commitments and Contingencies Disclosure [Abstract]  

10.   Commitments




The Company leases space in Irvine, California that houses its headquarters and manufacturing facility under a non-cancellable operating lease. The lease expires in 2018. At December 31, 2016, future minimum lease payments under non-cancellable operating leases were $164,591.


Future minimum lease payments for operating leases having an initial or remaining non-cancellable lease term in excess of one year are as follows:


Years ending December 31,        
2017       92,624  
2018       71,967  
Total minimum payments     $ 164,591  


Rent expense under all operating leases, which includes a non-cancellable lease for the Company’s former headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee that was in effect for the first ten months of 2015, was approximately $92,000 and $125,000 for the years ended December 31, 2016 and 2015, respectively




Certain license arrangements require minimum royalty payments. As of December 31, 2016, future minimum payments under these arrangements are as follows:


Years ending December 31,        
2017       60,000  
2018       50,000  
2019       50,000  
2020       50,000  
2021       50,000  
Thereafter       270,000  
Total minimum payments     $ 530,000  


Royalty payment amounts may be greater than the minimum required payment amounts based on the negotiated royalty rates. If the Company sublicenses the intellectual property that is licensed from the licensor and the Company receives any royalty payment under, or with respect to, such sublicense, the Company is obligated to pay the licensor an agreed upon percentage of any such payments. Under the terms of these license agreements, the Company is required to reimburse the licensor for costs incurred by the licensor associated with patent filing, prosecution and maintenance. The Company may terminate these license agreements for any reason, upon giving the licensor either 60 or 90 days written notice, depending on the agreement.


Technical Service and Training Agreements


The Company is a party to agreements with a university, which agreements were amended in January 2016, under which the Company may receive technical and training services. Pursuant to the terms of the amended agreements, the Company paid the university approximately $45,000 for technical research services in 2016 and did not incur any costs for training services (as such services may be rendered by the university upon the Company’s request) in 2016. The January 2016 amendments expired in January 2017 and new amendments to the agreements are under negotiation.


Master Services and Software License Agreement


The Company is a party to a Master Services and Licensing Agreement (as amended, the “Master Software Agreement”) with Merge Healthcare Canada Corp. f/k/a Cedara Software Corp. (“Merge”) under which the Company may internally perform development, maintenance and support of its ClearPoint system software that was originally developed for the Company by Merge, utilizing certain of its own pre-existing software code. Under the Master Software Agreement, the Company received a non-exclusive, worldwide license to Merge’s software code, in exchange for which the Company agreed to pay Merge a license fee for each copy of the ClearPoint system software that the Company distributes, subject to a minimum license purchase commitment (the “Minimum License Purchase”) that the Company satisfied in 2013. The Company will have an obligation to pay Merge a license fee for each copy of the ClearPoint system software that the Company distributes in excess of the licenses it purchased under the Minimum License Purchase.


Of the licenses purchased under the Minimum License Purchase: (i) those licenses that the Company expects to sell in the next 12 months are included in inventory in the accompanying consolidated balance sheets; (ii) those licenses that the Company has loaned to prospective ClearPoint system customers for evaluation are included in property and equipment in the accompany consolidated balance sheets and depreciated during the evaluation period; and (iii) those licenses not included in (i) or (ii) above are classified as non-current assets and comprise software license inventory on the accompanying consolidated balance sheets.


Cardiac EP Business Participation Plan


The Company is party to agreements under which it may provide a key product development advisor and consultant with financial rewards in the event that the Company sells its business operations relating to catheter-based MRI-guided cardiac ablation to treat cardiac arrhythmias (“Cardiac EP Operations”). In the event the Company sells its Cardiac EP Operations, whether on a stand-alone basis or as part of the sale of the Company, the participant will receive a payment under the plan equal to: (i) the transaction value paid for or allocated to the Cardiac EP Operations in the sale, multiplied by (ii) the participant’s “participation interest” at the time of the sale. The participant was initially awarded a participation interest of 6.6%. However, pursuant to the terms of the plan, the participation interest is equitably reduced from time to time to take into account equity financing transactions in which the Company issues shares of its common stock, or securities convertible into shares of its common stock, in exchange for cash proceeds. At December 31, 2016, the participation interest was 1.38%. The plan will terminate in June 2025.


Employment Agreements


The Company has employment agreements with its executive officers that, among other provisions customary for agreements of this nature, provide for severance payments in the event the Company terminates the officer’s employment without cause. The agreements also provide for certain payments in connection with a change of control transaction and a termination of employment following a change of control transaction. 


Key Personnel Incentive Program 

Under the terms of the Company’s Key Personnel Incentive Program (as amended, the “KPIP”), two participants, one a consultant to the Company and a former non-employee director of the Company, and the other a former employee of the Company, will each be entitled to receive a $1 million payment in the event of a sale of the Company. In addition, one of the participants will be entitled to receive a payment equal to $700,000 in the event the net proceeds from a sale of the Company exceeds $50,000,000. If a sale of the Company has not occurred by December 31, 2025, the KPIP will terminate.