Quarterly report pursuant to sections 13 or 15(d)


3 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2013
Supplemental Cash Flow Elements [Abstract]  
Cash Flow, Supplemental Disclosures [Text Block]



In February 2012, the terms of related party notes payable were modified and accrued interest of $838,601 was added to the principal balances of the original notes.


Upon the effectiveness of the Company’s Form 10 registration statement in February 2012, the principal balance of convertible notes payable totaling $10,811,500 and the related accrued interest of $974,311 were converted into shares of the Company’s common stock.  In addition, unamortized debt discounts totaling $405,602 at the conversion date related to the relative fair value of warrants issued in connection with the issuance of the convertible notes (originally accounted for as equity) were offset against additional paid-in capital.


In February 2012, warrants with a fair value of $237,299 (recorded as deferred financing costs and additional paid-in capital) were issued to the placement agent and its sub-placement agents in connection with the Company’s sale of units consisting of secured convertible notes and common stock warrants.


In January and February 2012, both the $383,204 relative fair value of warrants and the $383,204 intrinsic value of the beneficial conversion feature associated with notes issued by the Company in an offering of units were recorded as additional paid-in capital and a discount to the convertible notes payable.


ClearPoint reusable components were transferred from inventory to loaned systems, which is a component of property and equipment, with costs of $64,327 and $29,626 during the three months ended March 31, 2013 and 2012, respectively.


In March 2013, the Company entered into a loan modification in which accrued interest of $389,444 was added to the principal balance of a note payable and the principal balance of the note payable was also increased by an additional $1,900,000 (see Note 4).


In recording the January 2013 private placement transaction, deferred financing costs of $24,219 were netted against the proceeds recorded to additional paid-in capital.